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Saturday, May 18




Archer Invent Team Dinning hallInvenTeam Are Microplastics Present in Sea Salts of Different Qualities? (State Science Fair Winner) Dinning hallKaren Garcia Artificial Intelligence Mobile Application and Alarm System Using Deep Learning Methods Identifies Emergency Vehicle Sonic Signatures and Directional Path of Sound Source Dinning hallHannah Kim Biochemical Properties of the Catasetum tenebrosum Dinning hallGiselle Alrachid and Caitlin Pender Blue Light Stimuli as a Potential Remedy for the Negative Behavioral Effects of Solitary Confinement and Heat Stress in Drosophila melanogaster Dinning hallJuliet Youssef Can Iron Make the Difference? The Effect of Iron Supplementation on the Biomass Growth and Lipid Accumulation of Chlorella Sorokiniana Dinning hallAmes Noll and Mingyue Ma Chicken Embryos as a New Model for Acute Pancreatitis Dinning hallEmma Golden CRISPR CAS-9 and Histone Regulation: A Process Working Hand in Hand to Destroy Cancer Dinning hallEmma Lotts and Devon Frank CRISPR-Cas9 gene engineering as a remedy for the tol-1(nr2013) gene mutation in paralytic Caenorhabditis elegans gonads Dinning hallEmma Bersch Curcumin as a Therapy for Cognitive and Sensory Processing Deficits in a Drosophila melanogaster Model of Fragile X Syndrome Dinning hallMaddie Jacobson Determining the Ecological Interaction in Vertebrate Scat Using DNA Barcoding Dinning hallRebeca Castro and Caitlyn Ossa Development of an Onset Forest Fire Detection System Dinning hallConstance Chiang Enzyme Dynamics: Characterization of Protease Activity with a Mathematical Model Dinning hallAlina Hu and Candy Gao Epigenetics Dinning hallAna Gonzalez Fighting Carbon with Carbon: Effect of Carbon Supplementation and Reducing Agents on Growth and Lipid Productivity in Chlorella Sorokiniana Dinning hallSophie Johnson and Julia Powers From Dental Plaque to Cystic Fibrosis: Tackling the Biofilm Problem through Quorum Sensing Inhibition Dinning hallIvian Zhang and Grace Lawlor Got Your Back Products: Prometheus Band & Artemis Nails Dinning hallAnnika Reff Growing Plants in a Simulated Martian Environment Dinning hallSophia Anderson HallWayze: Hallway Traffic Monitor with Live Traffic Relay Dinning hallMiayunique South Improved Apple Watch Application to Prevent and Report Sexual Harassment and Assault Dinning hallSamantha Raucher Light-Sensing Exposure Therapy Toy for Children with Darkness Phobia Dinning hallMarie Chorpita Mix it up: Creating Graphene in a blender (LA County Science Fair Winner) Dinning hallKatie Hadsock-longarzo Nitrogen Content on the Production of Antioxidants and β-methylamino-L-alanine in Arthrospira platensis Dinning hallLauren Evans-Katz Pneumatically-Controlled Automatic Adaptive Pillow with 3-Axial Accelerometers Dinning hallVictoria Pinkett Political Application on Phone To Help Users Identify Party Preferences and Increase Activism Dinning hallMichelle Chung Protecting The Skin From Within - A study on the methods of reverse-engineering sunscreen, into acting as the defense factor, while utilizing its antioxidants and chloroplasts to increase the rate of mitotic division... Dinning hallStella Zilberberg Quantitative ELISA of Protein: Correlation Between Fish Muscle Mass and Myosin Protein Concentrations Dinning hallElaine Liu and Jill Ji Reduction of Ultraviolet Damage in C. Elegans with Xeroderma Pigmentosum via Genistein Treatment Dinning hallStella Kraus Self-Assemblage Ability as an Indicator of Neural-Accelerator Efficacy on E. eugeniae Neurogenesis Dinning hallSophia Fink Silencing Bacterial Communication: How One Glowing Flask Might Rescue Us from the Antibiotic Resistance Crisis Dinning hallWinnie Cai and Samantha Covey Sustaining a Biodegradable Environment Through the Use of PolyLactic Acid and Compost Dinning hallAliza Arya and Leslie Almaraz The Diet of Depression: The Effect of L-tryptophan and Eicosapentaenoic Acid on Motor Behavior Associated with Depression in D. Melanogaster Dinning hallRae Godfredsen The Effect Of Cytokinin Kinetin On Oxidative Stress Associated With Cystic Fibrosis In C. elegans Dinning hallLucy Nye The Effect of Licorice Root on the Presence of Beta-Amyloid 42 (Αβ42) Plaques in D. melanogaster Alzheimer’s Model Dinning hallCaitlin Chen The Mortality Rate of Daphnia when Exposed to Copper Sulfate (LA County Science Fair Winner) Dinning hallCharlotte Greene The role of isolation and socialization on food and drug addiction in Drosophila melanogaster Dinning hallAmireh Leila Mirdamadi Using qPCR for Recreational Water Testing Dinning hallNina Julian When East meets West: The Effects of a Combined Treatment of an Eastern Herbal Medicine and Western ACE Inhibitors on Drosophila Melanogaster with Familial Dilated Cardiomyopathy Dinning hallSarah Shintani